Using Humor in Persuasion

humour in persuasion

A range of advantages for persuasion and communication is provided by humor. You must add humor to your conversation if you want to increase the pace and effectiveness of your communication. You must also be able to recognize and comprehend the humor from all perspectives.

By using humor, you may make your content unique and attract attention to it while also generating interest. Even encourage to perform more.

It’s important to comprehend the mood of your audience if you want to make them laugh. When the audience is in a good mood, they are more likely to listen to you and ultimately agree with what you have to say if they are in a good mood. Humor may be a persuasive tool if utilized correctly and in the right context.

A person’s defenses are likely to drop if they are joyful. However, it is incredibly challenging to persuade while you’re in a poor mood. If you can make someone happy, you can persuade them into doing whatever you want. Before you start trying to persuade someone, make sure you know who they are as a person and that you are aware of their characteristics.

Any attempt to be humorous will backfire badly if the person is in bad mood. Instead of attempting to persuade them to become entertainers, find a day when you can uplift their spirits or find a way to cheer them up before you are trying.

Humor can be beneficial when trying to persuade someone since it helps you grab their attention quickly and establish bonds and rapport. The message you convey is retained, and it also helps to release tension, lower stress levels, and motivate them to perform to the best of their abilities.

Benefits of Humor in Persuasion

Getting the other person to accept the message you’re attempting to communicate is the goal of persuasion. You must have a suitable frame of mind in order to effectively communicate your message.

Here’s how humor can help you convince better:

  • Humor helps lower your blood pressure
  • As you laugh your body exercises different muscles in your body. This makes you feel healthier.
  • When you have fun with your friends, you boost your immunity as well as reduce stress hormones.
  • It also helps improve the quality of your breathing. It allows you to breathe more deeply.
  • Humor helps you to stay away from negative emotions that may arise.
  • It also lets you connect with others because people love happy people.
  • It boosts your energy.

If you combine all of these elements together, you are likely to be more appealing and the public becomes more responsive to your message.

Types of Humor to Enhance Persuasion

There are numerous types of humor. Unfortunately, most people do not think about the humor they are using or how they classify it. Knowing the following types of humor can help you decide what kind of humor will be most effective in persuasion:


Since they are personal stories, no statistical evidence nor justification is necessary. When employing anecdotes, make sure they are appropriate, entertaining, timely, and relevant because people all around the world enjoy funny stories. The topic needs to be brief, clear, and true for anecdotes to be effective.


Usually, you accomplish this by making fun of yourself. You demonstrate that you don’t value yourself at all by making yourself the subject of comparison. Use this humor to make others laugh at work, especially if you’re frequently seen as a tough office worker.

Similar to other types of comedy, the more self-aware and unexpected you are, the more fun it is. When in doubt, making fun of yourself is typically more appropriate than making fun of someone else.


This is a smart, concise, and memorable sentence. When the moment comes, you should know a few epigrammatic sentences and use them. The use of epigrammatic humor can lighten the mood, break the ice, or help you escape an uncomfortable circumstance. You can apply already used epigrammatic terms or come up with your own.


Irony is a striking contrast between what is expected and what actually occurs. Irony can be used to create comparisons between various circumstances or to show how it might benefit you by using two images.


It is a type of humor that exposes the flaws in a certain group, such as a business, the government, or even an individual. Most people consider it to be a harsh sort of humor. It might be expressed through exaggeration, satire, or parody.

Before using parody or satire, be cautious to consider your audience, just like when using other types of humor. The rationale is that you will be attempting to contain the damage if someone misinterprets the parody as an indication of incorrect motivations or a lack of discipline.


It’s also referred to as dry humor. It’s a hilarious line that’s said in a cunning manner. This can be used for a range of events, including meetings and conferences.

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