Tips to Mind Control

mind control

All people want the power to gain control over everyday circumstances. The majority of people dream of having the power to control what occurs. There are ways that enable you to more frequently attain the desired results, even though it is impossible to succeed 100% of the time.

Despite not having great knowledge of mind control, you may change someone’s behavior using small gestures and signals that are made specifically for the person whose behavior you wish to change. Use these tactics when you are meeting with your manager when you are interviewing for a job, or even when you are chasing romantic love.

Honest Smile

You must be aware that one of the most important and fundamental aspects of body language is smiling, but do you know how to smile beautifully? Try to tell the truth because some smiles seem aggressive and violent. What can we do to enhance this impact the most?

Maintaining your normal speaking style is all that is required. After a brief delay, make sure to meet the individual and smile sincerely at them. The individual who is cheerful can have more control over the other person’s emotions and will be more comfortable in his presence.


If the person who attracts you the most is around and you are among your friends, don’t be afraid to pay them the most attention. You’ll be sure to catch their attention later if you focus on the person in front of you and pay attention to them.

You can attract their attention if you can judge your look and appearance. Keep an eye on the eyes when you’re speaking, no matter whether you’re talking to your boss or in a job interview because doing so will boost the likelihood that they will be more comfortable and friendly with you.

Be Insistent

You’ll be surprised by your ability to persuade your peers. The saying “A lie repeated 1,000 times becomes true”. Is that right? Even though we’re dealing with lies, you can still use this idea to improve your current circumstance. Simply insist on their point of view if you want them to trust you and believe you at your word.

Consider the scenario where you are attempting to sell a product and are required to show its advantages of it. It is necessary to persuade the buyer that the product has a greater advantage in comparison to competing for the brand than making the same argument repeatedly because doing so will be unpleasant. Work on increasing the number of features on the product so that you can gain the trust of buyers.


It is difficult to believe, but if you can provide a good reason for your request, you have a better chance of getting what you want. In a study, a woman went to five different places and asked people to take five Xerox papers on her behalf.

In 60% of the cases, she asked for a response, and nobody gave it. The test was then repeated but with the excuse “because I have so much work here that I will not be able to arrive on time,” and almost 94% of the participants answered quickly to the request! Be sure to explain your request the next time you have to make one!

Narrow Ties

According to studies, one of the most effective ways to control someone else is by reinforcing bonds. Making someone feel comfortable around you—doing this by engaging them emotionally—is the quickest approach to exert power over them.

According to research, interacting with another person might lead to the development of an emotional bond. Even though you might at first think it’s challenging, it’s really quite easy. For instance, you can sing along with them and learn which songs you both enjoy. They may experience a sense of belonging as a result.

Listen more

This approach might not work for you if you’re an introverted, shy person. Don’t worry, though, if you’re more outgoing. Studies have shown that those who pay closer attention during social or professional interactions gradually gain control over others. Take control of the issue if it arises, and pay attention to what the other person has to say.

You may expect them to ask about your views. When this happens, the caller will focus entirely on you, making it simpler to have a good discussion. Using this method will strengthen your power and elevate your viewpoint above all others in any conversation.

Tell the Truth

Did you realize that even seemingly innocent lies often cause more harm than good? Show others around you that you have a strong enough character, to tell the truth, even when it hurts, and that your life is not focused on lying to win someone over. Being truthful will allow you to maintain control of the issue far easier than lying and then slipping.

Use the Past to Influence a Person’s Future

Do you realize how much your presence is influenced by the lessons you acquired as a child? Have you ever observed that how parents and teachers shaped a person’s youth has an impact on both their current talents and their anxieties and limitations? The result today is nearly mathematical in nature. We can even apply the formula: influence = parents + education you had.

Do you want proof of this statement in the form of specific examples? Nothing is more convincing than the Numerological problems to show the impact on our educational system, whether it is favorable or harmful.

The numbers on this position represent the worries that had to be faced and conquered with the help of our loved ones. They stand for the behaviors and activities that we are most reluctant to learn about and engage in.

As a result, how our parents and teachers handled similar situations when we were young may be an indication of how we currently perceive them—as a source of worry or as a change in our behavior.

It is crucial that you use this research to understand the possible effects of the education you received on your current situation.

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