Content Writing Tips

Content Writing Tips

Most people can write content. However, only a small percentage of people can write convincing content to readers. Content writing is not simple as we think that’s why the company needs professional writers to make their content goes viral in digital media.

Some entrepreneurs are so busy that they can not write. For them hiring separate staff or outsourcing content writing tasks would be more cost-effective.

Professional writers, on the other hand, are expected to be able to create content that is clear and engaging. This will support important aspects of your marketing campaigns such as SEO, customer education, and increasing click rates and conversions.

Let’s explore a few important content writing tips, every content writer should follow to make content lead generating.

Avoid Big Words

It is a simple yet powerful tips content writers should keep in mind while writing. Sometimes technical writers prefer to use large, important words over short, simple ones. This is a mistake. Fancy language frustrates the reader. Your readers will appreciate your writing in plain English. Your writing should be easily read even by school-level students.

Use Shorter Sentences

Less complicated sentences are more appealing and easier to understand than longer sentences. How can you tell if a sentence is too lengthy? The “breath test” is a good way to determine if a sentence is too long.

Read the sentence aloud at normal speed and volume, without taking in more breath. The sentence is too long if you run out-breath before reaching the end.

To solve this issue, reread the sentence. When you reach a point where a new idea has been introduced, split the sentence into two or three shorter sentences.

Be Specific

Internet is full of information. It’s impossible to read all the website content in a given time. It is important to tailor content to the user’s needs in order to make it easy for readers. Your content should not confuse the reader. Your website content should help them solve their immediate problems.

B2B customers are looking for detailed technical information, such as figures, facts, conclusions, and recommendations. You don’t have to say that something is fast or slow, good or bad. Instead, be specific and say how fast or slow it is. Use specificity whenever possible.

Shorter Paragraphs

Long, unbroken blocks can be intimidating and boring for readers. It is easier to understand your writing if you break it up into shorter sections or paragraphs. Short sentences are also easier to understand than long sentences. It is important to keep sentence length under control. Write sentences that you can speak aloud, without losing your breath.

Use Active Voice

The active voice expresses action directly. “John is listening to music.” If possible, use active voice. Your writing will be more direct, vigorous and your sentences more concise. The passive voice seems sluggish and rigid in comparison.

Create a killer Headline

Your headline is the most important aspect of your promotion. It’s the first thing that your prospect sees. The main purpose of the headline is to grab prospects’ attention and make them want to learn more about your product. Your headline will be stronger if it is more specific.

Writing great content is not enough. If no one is actually reading it, then what’s the point of writing it? The title is the most important part of any blog post. It should be catchy enough that your audience will click through to read more. However, the headline and content should be relatable.

Make a Killer Hook

Hooks are promises writers make to their readers. It is important to create a teaser that is both mysterious and intriguing. After the headline, you have three seconds to keep your readers interested. Therefore, hook plays a vital role in content marketing to keep readers engaging in your content.

Your first sentence will determine whether your readers read the rest of your content. It should grab the attention of your reader and lead them to your first point.

A hook can be any type of interesting quote, unique fact, or statistic that draws attention to content and encourages viewers to read it. Hooks should be placed in the first paragraph. Some hooks can even be found in the opening sentence.

A powerful hook can make a piece of writing change its perspective completely. It’s rare to find content without a hook in creative writing. It’s possible to still stand out from the crowd if you know how a hook is presented.

Prospects First

The customer is the king whether it is nondigital marketing or digital marketing. Giving priority to your prospects is always beneficial to your business. Never forget this tip – The customer is always right.

You shouldn’t begin with the product, its features, quality, craftsmanship, or design. Begin with the prospect – their concerns, worries, needs, nightmares, problems, hopes, fears, and aspirations.

They care more about you and your company than they do about your product. They care only about what your product can do to them.

Highlight Benefits

A feature is a product’s attributes and solutions customers get from product feature is its benefits. A laptop with a touchable screen is its feature and users can reduce their dependence on the mouse with that feature is its benefit. Buyers should be aware of both the features and the benefits. However, benefits are often more important.

Highlight the USP of the Product

Businesses that operate in highly competitive markets or niche market industries can be made or broken by a strong and easily recognizable unique selling proposition (USP). It’s important to leverage your USP and make your overall marketing strategy depending on it.

All products in the market help to solve customers’ problems. Give reasons to consumers to choose your brand over competitors. This is known as the USP.

Social Proof

Social proof is the belief people receive from another customer who had consumed their product. And get relief from their problem by using their goods. Advertising claims should be supported with evidence. The more proof you have, the more convincing and effective your advertising will appear.

There are many types of social evidence that we can use for website content marketing. One of the most popular uses of social proof in eCommerce is customer reviews.

Establish Value

Even if you convince customers that your product has the benefits they want, and is better than other available brands in the market. Customers are not ready to pay their hard earn money for your brand.

You must show that the price you charge is insignificant compared to the amazing value your product provides.

Request Action

What should the prospect do after reading the copy? Next, the prospect may request a free estimate or visit the dealer’s showroom. Tell the prospect what the next step is in your copy. People won’t do anything if you don’t tell them what they should do next.

Give a Gift

The English language’s most powerful word is free. People love to get free stuff. A gift is a great way to increase response. If you sell subscriptions to a magazine about personal finance, you can increase your sales by giving a bonus gift like a special report on the best mutual funds you should buy right now.

Make a Sense Of Urgency

Salespeople who are successful know that closing the sale is crucial and must do so immediately. Why? It is sensible and even kind to allow the prospect to leave your showroom and go shopping around. Then come back later.

If you do this, your competition will offer anything to win the sale. You must offer prospects a reason to act immediately. You can create urgency in your copy by adding a deadline to your offer. There are many methods to do this.

For example, if you have a car sale, keep the sticker mentioning sale ends Friday at midnight. When midnight comes, take the sale tags off and lock the showroom door.

You can add urgency to get prospects to act quickly by using the usual methods, which include a deadline or a limited-time offer. These methods work better if you can give the prospect a reason for these deadlines. A better response is one that combines credibility and urgency.

Easy to Understand and Share

Almost every content writer knows these content writing tips and they often ignore them while writing. A post can be written by the best copywriter in the world. If the post is difficult to read, nobody will ever read it. Your content must be shared to get it seen by as many people as possible. As people connect with a topic or idea, they click to share the content with their friends and followers.

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