Brainwashing Techniques

brainwashing techniques

Sometimes brainwashing is not as severe as it is described. There are various forms of brainwashing that take place frequently. Maybe they won’t make you give up your old identity and adopt a whole new one. However, they do assist in changing your way of thinking and how you perceive what is taking place inside of you.

We’ll look at some of the methods commonly applied in brainwashing, whether or not it’s real brainwashing.

Love Bombing

The person has a strong bond with their family members. It is the family that you were born into and have spent the whole of your life as a member of.

Those who haven’t had this kind of relationship may feel alone and rejected because they are more intelligent than everyone else. The manipulator can make someone feel like a member of their family by using love bombs, emotional ties, sharing, and physical contact.

This can make it easier to switch identities and replace the old identity with the new one by allowing the manipulator and the person being controlled to bond with one another in a way that is personal.

Unbending Rules

Typically, the manipulator establishes rigid rules that are unchangeable. They make it difficult for victims to think and act on their own, so instead, they follow the instructions of their manipulator exactly.

The rules for regression and disorientation, as well as the manner in which restroom breaks, medications, and food items may be eaten, are just a few examples of the regulations that come under this area. When brainwashing is taking place, certain regulations are set up in order to completely control the subject.

Verbal Abuse

One technique used during the breakup process is verbal abuse. Most frequently, the victim becomes desensitized from the repeated barrage of hurtful and insulting statements. Verbal violence can be combined with physical abuse or even used in place of it.

Controlled Approval

Throughout the break-up process, the manipulator tries to keep the general public in a state of uncertainty and risk. This can be accomplished, for example, through regulated approval. It is difficult for the victim to determine what is appropriate because the manipulator may be penalized and compensated for similar behaviors.

Rejecting Old Values

The manipulator tries to persuade the victim to discard all of his values. Through numerous means, including violence, bullying, and others, the process is hastened even more. In the end, the victim will reject the values and ideas they once cherished and start to adopt the manipulator’s new way of life.


This strategy is applied when the manipulator sends the victim subliminal signals. When the agent highlights specific words or phrases that are crucial to the new persona, this is accomplished. The subject is made to sit through confused, protracted lectures that are peppered with phrases and keywords.

No Privacy

Many victims will lose their right to privacy before assuming a new identity. This is done in order to reduce the subject’s capacity for logically evaluating what is said as well as to increase the victim’s perception of guilt and wrongdoing.

If the subject is in a private situation, he or she will be able to scrutinize the information they have learned and may find that it is wrong or does not support what they currently believe. The police officer or agent is constantly there and gives the victim the opportunity to create a new identity if privacy is violated.


During this approach, the manipulator tempts the victim to act like a child. This enables the manipulator to control how the subject’s mental image develops.

A Change in Diet

Another approach to creating confusion and making the target more susceptible to emotional excitement is changing the food consumed by the individual who is being targeted. The subject’s nervous system is deprived of the nutrients it needs to grow when the manipulator severely limits the amount of food the victim is allowed to eat. Drugs may contribute to the mix in this situation.


Games can be used to make groups more dependent on one another. Games are launched, and most of them struggle with a guideline that is quite unclear. The victim may not be aware of the rules in some cases, and this must be acknowledged if the rules are to remain constant. The agent has more control over this technique.

No Questions

The victim is not allowed to ask questions while being brainwashed. Regarding brainwashing, the issues encourage individualistic thinking, which can be harmful. If questions are not allowed, agents can adopt another character and distance themselves from their target.


The victim was informed that everything they do is terrible. The manipulator frequently uses guilt to undermine their subjects’ beliefs and the world around them. To increase responsibility and the victim’s need for salvation, the crimes of the victim’s past lifestyle are emphasized.

Fear is a strong motivator and has a greater impact than the other strategies mentioned. Fear can be used by manipulators to keep the group’s intended loyalty and obedience under control. In order to accomplish this, the manipulator may threaten the subject’s limb, life, or soul if they refuse to accept the new persona.

Deprivation of Sleep

If you’re not getting enough sleep then you’ll be at risk of losing your senses. The manipulator may use this to help establish the optimal environment for the brainwashing process, which can result in the breakdown and the process of the denomination.


Confession is strongly encouraged among those transitioning from their old identity to the new identity. By acknowledging the agent’s deepest insecurities and flaws, the subject eliminates its own particular ego during this process. You can adopt a new identity once you’ve let go of these things.

Financial Commitments

In some circumstances, financial donations are necessary. Firstly, since they might cut ties to their past as a result of the financial commitment, the subject is able to rely more on the group.

They offer various items, including their cars, homes, money, and other financial contributions, in the hopes that they would be able to get over their feelings of guilt and shame. They are now economically dependent on their new identities. The agent may also use these cash contributions to support its own requirements.

Pointing Your Finger

You’ll experience a sense of fairness if you can extend a hand to another person. You have the chance to highlight some flaws in the world in order to convince everyone that you are correct. The deceiver can highlight global injustices like racism and murder while contrasting them with the advantages of the brand-new image to which the victim has been taken.


Finding outside viewpoints that could persuade you to change your mind is challenging if you’re cut off from the world around you. The agent will attempt that since they don’t want to get away with all of their hard work. Additionally, they will be cut off from their friends, social circles, families, and any other rational sources that can influence their way of thinking.

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