What is Gaslighting


Gaslighting is a term used to describe the act of persuading someone else that they are wrong, even when they are not. Another person’s effort to influence your perception is known as gas-lighting.

Narcissists are unable and unwilling to accept responsibility for their actions. They prefer to treat others as though they are a source of shame, accusing them of attempting to avoid painful emotions. This was originally known as projection and is still used today.

The most popular means of doing this is frequently arguing with someone or refusing to accept their point of view. From time to time, we’re all victims of a mild form of gaslighting.

It’s refusing to listen to what our friend has to say, even if they’re on the correct side of the issue, or arguing with them over a little point, even if you’re not sure about your viewpoint. It’s typically trivial, and it’s an indication of immaturity or stubbornness to admit that you’re wrong.

Why Does Gaslighting Happen?

Gaslighting is all about power. This need for dominance or control could be the result of personality disorders such as narcissism, antisocial issues, unresolved childhood trauma, or any other factor.

Those who are involved in power dynamics, where one person is always in the position of having greater power than the other person or persons within the equation of relationship, are frequent witnesses to gaslighting behavior.

The individual who is being manipulated is usually on a lesser level than the manipulator and is fearful of losing some aspect of the relationship. The victim in a manipulative relationship is more than likely to become a codependent partner in the relationship.

In an intense relationship, the wife may feel pressured to comply with her partner’s manipulative behavior because she wants to be a part of the relationship or the benefits it can provide. People like this are willing to change their minds to match the manipulative spouse’s in order to avoid confrontation and keep things running smoothly.

The manipulator, on the other hand, continues to be one because he or she is afraid of being perceived as less important or significant than desired. Another important point to consider is that the deceiver may be unaware that he or she is acting in ways that could harm or harm the ‘target.’ They may be engaging in gaslighting techniques simply because of their upbringing.

For example, if one was taught by parents who believed in absolute certainty, that individual may be unaware that different points of view exist and that they may be accurate. These people may have been socialized to believe that anyone who holds a different opinion or position is wrong.

Furthermore, they may believe that individuals who have these “wrong” attitudes must be corrected, and as a result, they may employ gaslighting techniques, which are popular in families and among close friends.

Then there are those who employ gaslighting to demonstrate their dominance and control while ignoring the victim’s suffering and pain. The “dominance and authority” can also be a deception to hide the manipulator’s fears and worries. Gaslighting is used to gain an unfair advantage over others, regardless of the aim.

Where Does Gaslighting Happen?

Gaslighting is a real possibility that everyone can face. You could be the victim of these tactics from a partner, spouse, coworker, or even a parent, for example. Techniques of gaslighting are not limited to professional or personal domains.

In public places, gaslighting techniques are used, affecting the entire public. There are countless instances where former US President Donald Trump and his administration have used gaslighting tactics. The majority of analysts feel that politics is a domain where lying is tolerated.

Gaslighting is a tactic used by manipulative persons who want to take control of their relations. Consider a physically or emotionally abusive spouse who is wreaking havoc on their family members or spouses in the home. Gaslighting is easy to spot.

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