Landing Page Conversion

landing page conversion

A landing page is an individual page that can be used to generate qualified leads. You can use micro-conversions to help you achieve this goal on your landing page. For example, fill out a form or sign up for a trial, or register interest in goods.

Marketers work really hard to bring traffic to their landing pages in the hope that the targeted audience has an interest in your product or brand. If these destinations aren’t appealing to potential customers and converted into customers, then you’re wasting your time.

A conversion email series sends subscribers to landing pages that offer more information or sell products. The conversion rate of your landing page can vary depending on whether you’re selling a product directly, asking people to download ebooks, or promoting webinars. These are the ten keys to creating a landing page that maximizes online conversion rates.

10+ Tips to Increase Landing Page Conversion Rates


People are suspicious about advertising claims. With the rise of spammers and scam operators online, they are more skeptical than ever. Your landing page copy should immediately convince customers about their claims.

You can do this by prominently displaying one or more credibility builders on the screen that the visitor first sees. If you have a well-known logo or company name, place it in the banner at top of the page. Universities, associations, and other institutions may place their seals in the upper-left corner.

A strong testimonial should be placed above or directly below the banner. You might add a pre-head to the banner that summarizes the company’s mission or credentials.

Create a Buyer Email Address Database

There are many ways to capture the email addresses of people who visit your landing page but don’t buy the product. One option is to offer a report or e-course for free in exchange for their email address.

The pop-up window appears when the visitor first arrives. It can also appear when they attempt to leave the site without purchasing anything or making any inquiries. If the visitor installs a popup blocker, both of these windows will be blocked.

A floater is a window that slides onto the page from either the top or side. The floater, unlike the other two, is part of the HTML code so that it can not be stopped by blocking software.

Social Proof

Testimonials are a great way to build trust and overcome skepticism. Ask customers if they are willing to record a short testimonial on video if you invite them to a live event. A professional videographer can record it and get a signed release form from the customer. Then, upload it to your website as a streaming video. Instead of having it play automatically, make sure visitors click Play to hear the testimonial.

The problem with this is that the testimonials written by marketers are rarely as genuine, honest, and passionate as the ones written by customers. Ask customers politely to give you their honest opinion about your product. Their version will be more precise, credible, and detailed than the one you have, which may seem like a promotion.

Call to action

It is essential to have a landing page that converts well. You can use these buttons to, ‘Learn more,’ Contact Us, or? Get Started’.

Website owners often make the mistake of using generic text for their CTA buttons. This isn’t a good idea as it doesn’t encourage action. Personalize the text of your buttons to make sure users know what to expect when they click.

Only one Call to Action is required for high-converting landing pages. Your visitor will be more confused if you have too many CTAs on your landing page.


Sometimes it can be difficult to convey your message clearly, regardless of how well-written your copy and images may be on your landing page. In these situations, a video can be more effective in getting your message across. Videos can condense complex information and are more engaging. They also keep users on your site longer.

Videos are a great way to build trust and comfort. The page can be given more context, and you can even add voice or visuals that help in conversion.

Use Bullets Points

A bulleted list with short, easily-read items highlights key features and benefits that are more effective in increasing conversion rate. Online buyers love to feel they get a lot. Therefore, when you sell a product from your landing page, make sure you include all the important features and benefits.

White papers are a great way to generate leads. You don’t have to list all the features and benefits. However, bulleted information can increase conversion rates for download requests by describing the content of the paper and the benefits it delivers.

No Distraction

Too many elements can distract visitors from the CTA. This can lead to them not leaving their details. Distraction is a design principle that aims to eliminate interactive elements (mainly links) from landing pages. This will distract your visitor and cause them to click away from your landing page and eventually your conversion goal.

The Headline Incites Curiosity

The headline must either excite curiosity, make a strong promise or grab attention to keep the reader reading. The headline of a landing page that sells a program to train people to be professional property locators has a huge promise: “Become Property Locator Today and Make $100,000 per Year in the Greatest Real estate Career That Only a Few Insiders Understand About.”

Use a Conversational Style

Many corporate websites lack motivating factors for lead conversion. They offer information. But, a landing page is a letter between two people. This is how you should write it. You can’t sell a product if it is complex and technical.

Use an Emotional Hook

Logical selling can work, but tapping into the prospect’s emotions is much more effective – especially when you correctly assess how they are feeling about your product or the problem it solves.

A great tactic to use for lead generation landing pages is to emphasize your free offer in both the headline and body of content.

Solve the Reader’s Problem

After hooking the reader with compelling copy that dramatizes their problem or makes a powerful free offer to them, you can show how your product/information can solve their problem.

This is why I prefer landing pages without navigation. The reader has no choice but to either respond or not. There are no links to other pages that could distract them from the offer.

Keep It Current and Timely

Your response rates will increase if your copy is more closely tied to current events and news. This is particularly important when you are selling investment and financial information as well as regulatory compliance products that deal with areas where laws and regulations change often.

Your landing page copy should be updated regularly to reflect current economic and business conditions, challenges, as well as trends. This will show visitors that you are aware of the latest developments in your industry.

Urgency and Scarcity

Scarcity refers to the fear that a product will be out of stock in a short time. It ultimately induces the dreaded fear that you will miss out. When this happens, the person’s desire for the item increases rapidly, leading to higher demand.

However, scarcity is not the only key to creating demand. It is a combination between the product value and the trust that the vendor will have when the deadline approaches or the quantity reaches zero.

Page Loading Times

Your visitors can say goodbye to you if your landing page takes longer than a few seconds. Visitors will move on to another page if your landing page takes longer than expected. Search engines give priority to websites that load quickly when ranking them.

Speed issues can lead to lost customers and sales. You can expect improvements in the user experience (UX), conversion rates, and eventually sales revenue when your web page loads quickly.

Offer Money-Back Guarantee

Customers should be able to place orders directly on the landing page. Make sure that you clearly state a money-back guarantee. Your competitors offer a strong money-back guarantee, so do yours. Your refund rates may be lower than 1 percent if your product is excellent and your copy is truthful.

Live Chat Tool

People respond better when the company listen to their problem and advise them. Live chat plugins can be used on landing pages to show that you care about the experience and satisfaction of your customers.

Customers need answers to their questions. The customer can chat live to receive the information they need from the company. This instant support from the company makes customers happy and they remain loyal to the company.

A live chat is not necessary for every customer’s question. Online visitors can browse the site and find information about its products on their own. Live chats are necessary in cases where the answer is not available on the site, or when the customer requires more information.


Combining data-driven analysis and experimentation will result in a significant increase in landing page conversion rates.

Google tools such as google analytics, google console, and google optimizer can help you monitor the performance of your landing pages. These tools provide reliable data about your landing pages. You should monitor your landing pages regularly and be open to new ways to convert.

Be active and ready to learn new things going around you. Never be afraid to try new things if you feel that they help you in landing page conversion optimization. Learn from mistakes and keep going. Try to stay ahead of your competitors and adopt new trends before them. Soon or later you will have success.

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