Content Promotion

Content Promotion

Even the most valuable content might not be enough to make it viral or to be at the top of the search engine search result page. Sometimes, it takes a little push to get there.

A multi-channel approach is a key to a strong content promotion strategy. Digital marketers do not take content promotion seriously. They think writing quality content is enough for digital marketing goals.

Digital platforms are most effective when used in combination. One digital channel should complement another channel to grow. Using multi-channel works as a synergy effect for content promotion. Audiences missing content in one channel may find it in another channel. It will increase the reach of content to a wider audience.

Multi-channel Content Promotion Planning

Start by identifying the goals of your content and the audience you are targeting. Next, consider topics that may appeal to this audience. Find out where your readers are online. What sources do they use to find similar types of content?

This research can now be automated and even quantified through social analytics platforms. Once you have identified potential sources, narrow your focus to one or two media channels. This could be an online magazine or trade publication, a blog, podcast, blog, or other traditional media outlet.

These channels are worth studying. Learn more about the editorial policies. Learn about the content types used on the sites. For each channel, create one piece of great and relevant content. Turn to a new channel each quarter and continue the process.

Establish a Distribution Process

You should constantly be researching new distribution sites for your organization and look for any possibility for your content publish over there. A new distribution channel should enhance the overall company image.

Consider an Organizational Shift Focused on Distribution

Companies are serious about their brand image in the market. Online published content hugely impacts the brand reputation of the company. Nowadays, companies have separate content writing departments that solely focus on writing quality content to increase company image.

Learn More about Employee Networks

Many companies have long-term goals for establishing a “social organization”, but it’s not impossible to ask your employees to share relevant, interesting content via their social networks. The impact can be much greater than a traditional distribution network.

If you have 10 employees interested, you have 10 networks that you can tap into. Many employees are excited about the idea of getting content from their employer and being involved in the marketing process. Companies may also ask suppliers or business partners for permission to share their content. This is something that employees are usually happy to do.

Don’t Overlook email as a Distribution Channel for Your Content

Email is still the preferred way to communicate and share information for many people. Regular emails are a great way to make people aware of your content. Are you sending regular emails? Your Alpha Audience may have email subscribers, which could be your closest record. These are people who have said “Market to me!” and let them know about new ways to consume and share your content.

Explore and Master New Platforms

Every company is putting content on blogs, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. There are hundreds of niche distribution platforms that you can explore, and many more to choose from. These are just a few: Quora, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon, Pinterest, Quibb, Reddit.

Consider Micro Sites

Don’t look only at large, noisy channels when you are researching new distribution channels. If you’re lucky enough to find the right 100 people, it can sometimes be a goldmine to find a niche channel that has only 100 subscribers. Don’t spam your article when you find these communities. You must engage with people, build a reputation for authority in your area, and attract new Alphas.

Form Content Partnerships

Partnering with another pipeline might be an option if your content pipeline is limited. This is often called branding.

Look for Opportunities for Newsjacking

A practice that takes advantage of news stories or current events to promote or advertise a product or brand. Newsjacking is all about timing. Newsjacking refers to the practice of identifying a brand and a current event to increase media attention and brand exposure. To reach a wider audience, companies create related blogs and social posts.

Use Facebook to Distribute Channel

Although it is popular to criticize Facebook, its inevitable global dominance means that it is a channel you cannot ignore. It continues to be popular among many people, despite the early predictions that it would disappear. According to a study, 74% of marketers consider Facebook the best channel for content distribution.

Crowdsource Content Creation Distribution

Experts can often be accessed through their networks by being involved in your content. Round-up posts by well-known experts and authors are very popular. Your content can be ignited by a single quote or a reference in a blog post or book of an expert. They’ll help you promote your piece if you include them in the content.


Nearly every industry has a resource for curating timely, relevant content and summarizing it on a newsletter, website, or newsfeed. Consider starting a curated content website if one isn’t already available in your industry. This is a great way to keep industry leaders up-to-date and can help position your company as the place to go for valuable information.

You can also learn how to add your content to curation channels if they exist. This work will not only increase your visibility but can also bring new audiences to your site. It may even provide backlinks that will help you rank higher in search engines.

Advertising Networks

Google AdWords and Facebook and Twitter ads are some of the most popular options. Advertising networks can be used in many ways. They are especially useful when you need to increase awareness early on in a campaign, when it is difficult to build an audience or when the issue or content is very time-sensitive (like an event).

Retargeted Advertising

This program keeps track of who visits your site, and shows you ads as they visit other websites. The only thing that’s technically required is a JavaScript Tag in your website’s footer. This code creates an anonymous list of visitors to your website by placing retargeting cookies on their browser.

This allows retargeting vendors to display ads to potential customers when they visit other websites. It is easy to set up and demonstrates how paid media can reinforce great content by intelligently disseminating it with discretion.

Sponsored Content

Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn offer paid opportunities to increase the visibility of your content on selected platforms. This has the advantage of increasing awareness to both your existing audience and others within a specific demographic group. Sponsored content can increase exposure to targeted audiences and potentially attract new viewers to your content.

Native Advertising

Native advertising refers to paid media that matches the content of a media resource. Paid video content on Youtube is an example of mobile native advertising. This media has the same visual design and function as natural content and will appear in your recommended video feed.

Social Media Marketing

Many social media platforms offer paid opportunities to increase stories and reach new audiences. Reddit and StumbleUpon offer clicks for very low prices to socially-engaged users.

Native advertising gives you the credibility to be associated with the media brand, the validation of being featured on the editorial section of a site, as well as the opportunity for extensive exposure to a relevant audience.

Promote New Content within Existing Content

This is a simple trick that will introduce readers to new content. Social Crawlytics can help you determine the most shared content in the past few years. Your best work may still be attracting new readers.

Once you have identified the most shared and trafficked pages on your website, link to them with relevant keywords to point to your new content. To promote your services, you can embed your ads on these popular posts.

Join a Content-sharing Club

You can find a variety of websites where you can connect with other content creators and share your efforts. Triberr is a popular website that allows you to discover and share content with others in a mutually beneficial way. This interaction opens up new opportunities for you to reach new audiences.

Send an Email or Note of Personalization to Bloggers in Your Field

A personal touch can make your promotions more effective. You can share a valuable piece of content on the blogosphere if you find other bloggers with similar content. Then compliment them on their work and suggest they might like the post you wrote on the same topic. and are great resources for finding bloggers who have relevant content.

Make sure to create a personal subject line. Also, make sure the email is not written in a generic way. It’s possible that your email will be deleted if you make mistakes. You should highlight a connection between the blogger’s content and your email.

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